Europe is determined to hold together

Europe is determined to hold together

2013. 05. 15.

Distance or closeness? United or divided in the diversity?  – Zoltán Móser's wonderful photos show the answers to these questions. The author did not aim to play politics when editing his book, and in this way, his message is much more convincing than any other direct persuading campaign would be. The compilation of photos taken by Zoltán Móser is pairing places, cultural and natural sights and faces of Europeans from Hungary and other European countries.

The book was reviewed and praised by Norbert Kroó, Physicist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA). "It is impossible to define Europe with political or geographical terms. There are basic pillars that hold us together, for example our historical roots in Christianity, tolerance and democracy. Europe can be characterised not only by its diversity, but also by the many parallelisms which appear in our countries" – highlighted the professor.
Hans-Gert Pöttering, former president of the European Parliament stated: It would serve Europe's interests if members of this parliament engage themselves in promoting common European values with such enthusiasm as Zoltán Móser does with his work.
"The photographs are faithful impressions of what it means to be European today. The art of Zoltán Móser makes us feeling home in all over Europe and it constitutes the purest country-image building" – thanked László Surján to the author for accepting his invitation to the European Parliament.