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Without responsible communities there is no peaceful coexistence in Europe

2016. 01. 19.

Last week the European Parliament adopted a report on the „Role of intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and education in promoting EU fundamental values” with great majority. The responsible EPP shadow rapporteur for the topic was Hungarian Christian Democrat MEP György Hövényi.

Mr Hölvényi welcomed the political openness for recognizing the fundamental social importance of families, which - in case of EU documents - is a rather rare phenomenon in the recent years. The report underlines the role of family in preserving cultural identity, traditions, morality and social values, and stresses that the children’s introduction to the society's culture, values ​​and norms begins in the family.

In the plenary debate the Mr Hölvényi emphasized: the social role of religions and churches will remain decisive in today's Europe, even if indirectly. He added that religious communities provide a real alternative for people from the beginning to the end of life. "One thing is certain, members of churches and religious institutions are to play a key role in creating social cohesion", the Christian Democrat MEP said.
The text also includes recommendations for action, including the increased use of intercultural dialogue in development policy, inclusive learning and active citizenship to build strong, confident and responsible communities for the future. Because "there can be no peaceful coexistence in Europe without responsible communities" , as Mr Hölvényi concluded.

Without responsible communities there is no peaceful coexistence in Europe